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Brawl In The Fall
October 17th, brought to you by Cutting Edge Youth, 490 & Jagged Rock, the same people who brought you "The Pre-Spring Thing"...Info on the shows page.

Blessed By A Broken Heart
Local Christian melodic hXc band opening for Norma Jean, Beloved and Figure four...more info on the shows page.

Show Cancellation
I am very sorry to inform you that the show that we had planned this Friday with Winter Curse and Another Tragedy has been cancelled.

Leah's Morning Star

Last Prayer Meeting
Tomorrow evening, thursday june 5th, is your last chance to come out to pray with the group for the montreal underground music scene. So if you feel concerned or if you haven't had the chance so far to come, it'd be good to have you with us tomorrow.
same place 5590 ndg avenue (metro : villa maria), 514 486 6577. at 8pm. it's the last meeting as it's going to be summertime soon after.. i still don't know if we'll be getting together next fall either, since Lord-willing i am moving to Australia for 8th months to do a dts there with ywam.  there's lotsa stuff to pray for by the way (scene unity, cornerstone and other festivals, local bands, show coming up, etc.).... one last thing to please keep in mind: the concert next wednesday

Rebecca Rowley

Thank Y'all So Much
Just want to say thanks to all the bands, volunteers & people who helped put the show together on Friday. Skateyate, Leah's Morning Star & Cadywoompus all did a great job, we really appreciate it, and we hope to be putting together another in the near future. God Bless & Rawk On!

"Fine & Dandy"
Tickets & Corrections!
Tickets for "Fine & Dandy" will be $5 in advance and $7 at the door (rather than $8 like the other promo said). And as of tomorrow afternoon advance tickets will be available at Stomp, Sound Central and X20. French promo now available.

The Vault's Crazy 8 Shoe Sale
The Vault has had about 75 pairs on NIKE shoes donated for a fundraiser.These shoes are new with a few pairs that are slightly used and retail between $100 and $250 They are all sizes 8-8 1/2 except for a few pairs that are 7 1/2.  Mainly men's sizes. On Saturday May 10th between 10am and 2pm we will be holding The CRAZY 8 shoe sale at The Vault.  For those of you who are sizes 8-8 1/2, you will not want to miss this.  all shoes are $40 a pair, first come, first served. Let everyone know.  This is a great opportunity to get a deal and support The Vault.

Promos Ready!
Hey the pre-promo is ready for Fine & Dandy, If you wanna help by putting them up or pass them out at schools,churches, lamp posts, bus stops, bathrooms, comunity centers, shows etc...
CLICK HERE for the poster/flyer.

Leah Cancelled

The Leah's Morning star show tonight at Cafe L'Inconditionnel is cancelled.

"Fine & Dandy"
Details for the next Jagged Rock production are now finalized, check out the shows page. Promos will be ready soon.

Slick Shoes...Finally
Christian Punk Rockers Slick Shoes will finally be playing in Montreal this Good Friday, more info on our shows page.

Debuting Show
Leah's Morning Star (Former members of Cursed Earth) will be playing their first show ever this Saturday April 19th...More Info on the shows page.

Cornerstone '03
For all those who are interested in going to
Cornerstone Festival this summer and leaving together from Montreal, please email Bon.

Riddlers Playing Emergenza
Hey eveyone go out to Club Soda April 10th to support our brothers in this Band contest..."Emergenza". Remember to vote for the Riddlers as your favorite band.

Upcoming Show
Jordan will be meeting with Alex Foster of the Riddlers to organize a show on May 23rd, talks of Skateyate, the Riddlers & Cadywoompus playing the show. More info TBA.
New Website
Hey Everyone, welcome to the new JaggedRock website...It's finally up and running, be sure to let all your friends know about it!

Regular "Underground Music" Prayer Meeting

If you'd like to hang out and have fellowship with other kids who share the same interest for music and Christ, then come on out to the Montreal 'underground music' prayer group Meets every other thursday at 5590 NDG avenue Montreal close to metro Villa Maria for more info feel free to get in touch with Rebecca Rowley at (514) 486-6577 or email

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